BRIEF: Queer Brahma Collective protests school administration

Nate Mendoza, Oliver Guss, and Gabie Castleberry-Gordon protest against Pierce College on the Mall at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, Calif. on May 10, 2018. Photo by: Shae Hammond

The Queer Brahma Collective protested school administration by leading a sit-in in front of the Great Hall yesterday afternoon.

The club said the school devalues students, clubs and events by prioritizing faculty and staff and ignoring student demands and concerns.

There were seven students voicing their issues with administration, the Associated Students Organization and various concerns with the campus in general.

At least 50 people, including faculty, staff and administration, listened as the protestors spoke.

ASO senator Gisela Tarifa joined in the conversation and agreed that there are problems on campus, but also said that, with her role in student government, she understands how hard it can be for administration.

After the students finished voicing their concerns, Vice President of Student Services Earic Dixon-Peters asked to speak. He said he listened and would begin working on their demands.

Dixon-Peters sat on the ground in front of the protesters and spoke to them.

“Don’t ever be afraid to come talk to me,” Dixon-Peters said.

He said there are some issues that can start being fixed as soon as the summer, while others will take time, but they will begin working on the things the students mentioned during their protest.