The lesser known path

Guided Pathways is a plan to redesign the way Pierce students finish college, find transfer success and navigate the job market with useful certificates. But this plan has failed to launch successfully as the program struggles to gain traction with students and staff.

With many of the programs on Pierce, Guided Pathways is a system that aims to help students create a cohesive educational plan that guides them through their college career. As a result, students will be able to finish college faster and achieve their educational goals.

Students are not aware of all the benefits that come from a program like Guided Pathways. However, if there were workshops offered to students that could inform them, there would be more of an urgency to reform the system. Currently, there are numerous information packets detailing what Guided Pathways is, but none geared toward student comprehension of the program.

The site, The Atlantic wrote, “All of the net job growth since the 1970s has been in occupations that require some post-secondary education, whether it’s a bachelor’s or an associate degree. That demand for skills is causing more students to sign up for school than ever before.”

Although students tend to register for classes because they know they should, not every student understands how the classes they take correlates to a degree.

The site, The Atlantic wrote, “Once they get to class, not every student is prepared. Nor do they necessarily want to be at college, or have a clear notion of what they’re doing there.”

Aimlessly enrolling because one is undecided or does not know which course to take next is a detriment to a student’s overall academic success. This lack of direction is what lengthens one’s time at Pierce and wastes students’ financial aid.

Students must first understand what Guided Pathways is and how it acts as a faster route to their educational destination. This can be done by setting up student success workshops that help demystify the program. Even during appointments with students counselors can help explain the advantages that come with having this program structure.

Opening up the conversation to Guided Pathways will help students recognize the massive restructure that needs to happen to help them complete their educational goals more efficiently.