String Family Players

They play a quick four notes and ask the audience to guess the theme song. The audience is silent. Professor Garineh Avakian exclaims “The Simpsons!” The String Family Players finished the song for the audience.

From the Simpsons theme to Bach, The String Family Players know how to keep an audience engaged. The String Family Players are a quintet consisting of two violinists, a cellist, and a bassist.

The first concert of the semester was held in the performing arts center on the Art Hill at Pierce College. Doors opened at 12:45 pm and closed promptly at 1 pm.

The quintet began their performance of a string rendition of George Frideric Handel’s Queen of Sheba.

David Young joked they were being forced to play by a man with a gun. His light-hearted demeanor was a breath of fresh air in the usually serious world of classical music. This is what makes them so appealing to kindergarteners and college students alike.

The band takes turns to each showcase their instruments and their capabilities. Nancy Roth, one of the violinists, began with Charles L. Johnson’s “Hen Cackle Rag”. Roth demonstrated double stop, a technique where two notes are played at once. During this piece, the audience clapped along. It ended with a hearty “hee haw” from one of the members.

Elizabeth Wilson, the other violinist, performed Bach’s “Concerto in A minor” with the quintet. Wilson and Roth demonstrated counterpoint with separate yet harmonious violin parts.