Pro: Mandatory foreign language classes

Language is the basis of connecting with one another. One can earn the opportunity of expanding their horizons by learning a foreign language.

Learning a foreign language should be a mandatory requirement in college, as it is something that can aid us and make us more successful in the future.

Most have already taken a foreign language in high school, and it might seem redundant to take it again.

At a college level, that same foreign language from high school is a more refined course that can refresh and help improve your knowledge of that language.

Those who want to broaden their knowledge by taking a different foreign language than they took in high school should know that there are many benefits to learning another language.

One of the benefits of learning a second language is that it can make you can be successful in the job market.

A study was conducted by Albert Saiz of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.  He found an increase in earnings of “2.3 percent for speaking French and 1.5 for speaking Spanish,” Saiz said. “The results indicate that those who speak languages known by a smaller number of people obtain higher rewards in the labor market.”

Both Spanish and French courses are available for all students to learn.  One of the best collective benefits of taking these courses is that the human brain works harder when it learns a different language.

Those who are bilingual tend to have noticeable critical thinking skills. They tend to be more proficient at problem solving, and this may even boost one’s chances at succeeding in other courses.

Learning a new language can be very useful when traveling abroad. For example, if you take a French class before going on a vacation there, you can develop communication skills that will help you interact with other people who speak French.

It may be difficult to learn another language, but in the end, it is rewarding in improving ones academic success and social skills.