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End of women’s volleyball season closing in

Women’s volleyball entered the final stages of their season and the team dropped both of their games against the Citrus College Owls and the El Camino College Warriors.

The Brahmas came into both games having lost against the Santa Barbara Vaqueros and Santa Monica Corsairs.

The team gave fight to the Owls winning the second set 25-17. However, Citrus would win the other three sets 25-13, 25-15 and 25-14.

Head coach Edison Zhou evaluates the team’s performance against Citrus and El Camino.

“We didn’t play bad. Right now we are missing Rachel [Wiley] and something that we can focus on is how to get kills,” Zhou said.

Catelynn Pulido led the team with 12 kills followed by Landry Bearden with six. Bearden had 13 assists in the game against the Owls.

For Citrus, Gina Lipscomb had 24 kills, while Iris Bernal and Jazmine Carlos had seven. Jullianna Aceituno had 36 assists.

Pulido said that the team were lacking energy throughout parts of the two games.

“It is a lot of hesitation and sometimes we didn’t know what to do and that prevented us from getting points,” Pulido said.

The Brahmas made a lot of errors in the attack having a total of 19, three more than the Owls.

For the game against the Warriors, things went differently for the team. In the first set, three straight attacking errors, two from Keturah Scott and one from Linnea Romero gave the Warriors a 4-1 lead.

After the timeout, the team would get back into the game cutting the deficit to three points, however it would be the Warriors who would get the upper hand and would win the first set 25-17 off another attacking error this time by Catelynn Pulido.

In set number two, it was Scott that gave the Brahmas the lead. However like in the first set, service errors proved vital as the Warriors quickly took over.

Kills by Pulido and Bearden gave Pierce momentum making the score 7-5 in favor of the Warriors.

The Brahmas were down by two points in the majority of the set, however the Warriors took off winning set two 25-13.

In the third and final set, El Camino would put the game to bed winning the third set 25-7.

Like most of the game, attacking and ball handling errors gave the Warriors a 6-0 lead.

The Brahmas had no response for the Warriors offense losing by 18 points, their biggest deficit of the season.

Pulido led the team with nine kills, followed by Bearden with four. Bearden also had 10 assists.

Renee Brydon, Deeann Smith, Sophia Loiola and Merris Ewell all had five kills for the Warriors.

For this game, the Brahmas made 20 errors, 14 more than El Camino.

Bearden said that the errors they made could have been prevented.

“Little mistakes can be controlled from our side of the court and improving on our serving would be a good start,” Bearden said.

The Brahmas are back on the court for their last two games of the season. They face Victor Valley College on Nov. 7 and Glendale two days later. Both games begin at 6 p.m.


Felipe Gamino
Sports Editor 2016- present Circulation Editor 2019- present STAFF- Fall 2015

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