Alcohol rehab needs a place on campus

Alcohol rehab programs are needed for Pierce College because it is a good way to help students who are either struggling with alcohol  addiction or fighting depressing that leads them to drinking alcohol. So why aren’t any of these on campus?

Based on information from the Pierce website, the policy is outside vendors such as 12-Step Program, must have a permit and  must meet the approval from administrators. Due to liability and insurance these permits can be costly.

Beth Benne of the Student Health Center said that  students who have a problems with any type of substance abuse  can come to the Student Health Center and get a referral to a rehab program. Benne also pointed out that there is a storage room in the Student Health Center that could be used for a rehab program.

According to the Alcohol Rehab Guide website, about roughly 20 percent of college students meet the criteria for having an alcohol use disorder. Close to 60 percent  of college students between the ages of 18 and 22 admitted to drinking in the past month.

If getting a permit is an  issue then what Pierce administrators should do is start a program or  form of rehabilitation center and hire counselors who are experts in the field of addiction studies. This will also help students who are military veterans who may have a problem with alcohol.  ABC News reported that a 56 percent alcohol addiction has increased. reports that  Tom Tarantino who is a retired army captain and director for the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Association, told ABC News that Alcohol abuse in the army is a symptom of a larger multifaceted problem. One of those facets is that for so long combat-related mental health issues were not  taken seriously by military leadership.

Those who are non veterans could have a problem with alcohol due to depression or abuse at home. Whatever the case, this would do a service for students, and it is something that  Pierce students should look into. Students are paying health fees it is only fair they should have a rehabilitation center.