Preview: Club Rush makes its annual comeback

With the start of each semester, comes a fresh batch of new faces who are potential recruits for organizations on campus.

Pierce College will be hosting its next Fall Club Rush on The Mall Wednesday and Thursday from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

For many, Club Rush is a lively event coordinated to bring students closer and create a cultural atmosphere on campus. 

Student Body President, Angel Orellana, believes this event to be an essential part in the role of creating a student-based community. 

“The difference between a four-year university and a two-year is that students are there longer. There is more time for continual growth of student culture at four-year colleges,” Orellana said. 

Orellana believes a two-year college can bring challenges for a lot of clubs, as the new year can be like starting again from scratch. 

“One of the things I’ve noticed is that everything having to do with student culture kind of restarts,” Orellana said. “So, Club Rush in general is a way to spread the word about what’s happening on campus and incentives them to get more involved with the school.” 

Nicole Alfaro, the Club Council president of the Associated Students Organization (ASO), takes part in the planning of the bi-annual Club Rush event.  

“The ASO will have a booth at Club Rush with a few games and giveaways. We also will be sharing information on who we are and our impact on campus,” Alfaro said. 

The purpose of this event is to create a community atmosphere for new and returning students to help them feel like they belong on campus. 

“The goal of Club Rush to me is to bring student leaders from different backgrounds to come together and recruit new members for their clubs,” Alfaro said. 

Some students find interest in clubs that relate to not only their interests, but their classes as well so it creates an environment that they can work in.  

A member of the swim team, Wyatt Feldman, was a member of the Japanese Club of Pierce College. He said the club granted positive experiences for his campus social life. 

“When I went to the meetings, it was comforting to be doing projects with people I shared classes with, as I also took Japanese classes with my clubmates,” Feldman said.

He thinks to be a member of any club is a significant opportunity a student could make.

“Being connected to people who are going through similar educational journeys is important, especially in college,” Feldman said. 

For more information on the available clubs at Club Rush, visit the ASO homepage on the Pierce website.