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Clubs on the rush

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Cheerleaders and Brahma mascots scurried down The Mall, celebrating campus spirit in the name of Club Rush. 

The event on Wednesday and Thursday was hosted by the Associated Students Organization (ASO) and was attended by dozens of clubs and hundreds of students. 

Students had the opportunity to visit potential clubs that sparked interest while grabbing snacks and participating in fun activities. It was a beneficial opportunity for students to join a community atmosphere and meet new connections.

Club booths, such as Pierce College Democrats and the English Club came from the campus to help recruit incoming students into their specific communities. 

Shirley Baker, a Pierce student, was not able to attend Club Rush last year but she was excited to attend and see what would spark her interest. 

“It was great to see all the different kinds of clubs that Pierce has to offer while being able to be with my friends and participate in extracurricular activities,” Baker said.

Clubs can appeal toward a student’s academic interests, political leanings and hobbies. 

The bi-annual event also consists of booths that are there to spread awareness that some students may find appealing in a political climate. 

Michelle Xai is not only here at Club Rush to talk to students about clubs, but is here as a part of The National Get Organized for an Actual Revolution Tour. Their aim is to get students involved and aware of the crisis that is happening around the world. 

“We are spreading the word that the world as it is right now is a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be this way,” Xai said. “We are going to different campuses letting people know that there is actually a leadership science strategy to actually put an end to this nightmare.” 

ASO had their own booth up with the others, providing giveaways and games for students to sign up and participate. 

Nicole Alfaro, Club Council President, organized club rush with the help of ASO senators. 

“My favorite part of Club Rush was getting the opportunity to meet all of these outstanding student leaders and advisors who want to make an impact on campus with their club,” Alfaro said.

She said she made snack buckets and handed out water cases to students during Club Rush with other ASO senators. 

“I also help clubs charter for the semester and make sure the application is filled out properly, as well as guiding these student leaders on the right path and being there for them when and if they need help,” Alfaro said. 

Students are still able to join the many clubs Pierce has to offer through the ASO website. 

For more information about clubs or how to make one, visit Pierce College’s website and search ‘clubs’ to find additional information for meeting locations, times and advisors. 


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