Remember the graduates with a Pierce yearbook

As each semester ends, students are getting closer to finishing their time at Pierce to move on to bigger things. 

Whether it’s transferring to a different college, going straight into their career or finishing their education here, their stay has not been a wasted one.

While some may want to make new memories elsewhere, others don’t want to simply forget what would be considered one of the first of many stepping stones in their life. 

Pierce College should have an annual yearbook each spring so that students who are graduating can remember their final year on campus. 

Although college memorabilia, such as hoodies and shirts, can be bought in the bookstore, these items don’t really bring the same connection that pictures do. 

Students want a keepsake that they can bring home with them so it can be kept and shown for years to come. 

Not only would it serve as a “souvenir” for students, it’s also a piece of history for the college. 

Past and future students and faculty could potentially look back 10-to-20 years to see what the campus used to look like, what events were celebrated each semester and see some of the students and professors that made the college what it is today. 

Starting the production during the fall would provide enough time to get content for the next graduating class. 

Portraits would have to be taken for administrators and faculty from all departments.

A section could be used to show some of the different departments, clubs, sports teams and organizations, such as ASO and Umoja, that are on campus. 

The largest portion will most likely be to highlight the events on campus such as ASO’s Club Rush, the Performing Arts department’s play productions or sports games.

ASO could begin the process of putting it together, however it would have to be a team effort from the whole college to get it completed. 

A group could start a yearbook club, however it could potentially grow to be a joint class offered by the English and Media Arts department. 

Like the commencement ceremony, students graduating in the fall or spring can voluntarily choose whether they want to be in it by deciding to send a photo of themselves or not.

The Media Arts department could charge a small fee so that students could have their portraits taken in the photo studio. 

The yearbook could be uploaded online for $15, but those who want a physical copy would have to pay $60.

Perhaps a pre-order system could be set up to cover the cost in advance. Students could opt-in online during enrollment to pay a cheaper price of $40.

The funds earned could be used to make the number of copies ordered plus additional ones that could be purchased at a later date at the bookstore. A table could be set up during the graduation ceremony so that relatives could buy the extra ones that are left.

A yearbook would be a momento students could look forward to taking with them to celebrate the end of their educational journey at Pierce with farewell messages from their professors and friends.

Illustration by Jesse Bertel