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A fix for your social media ticks

In an age where social media has become a second home for many, the thoughts and pictures that make up a timeline can say more about a person than desired. Computer Engineering student Joel Simonoff has created an app to help clean things up. Simonoff’s creation, Social Filter, scans your Facebook and Twitter posts and […]

Fostered youth breaks cycle of abuse

Hitting rock bottom is a sign of failure for most, but for Liliana Flores, 21, it has been a steppingstone to success. Despite the obstacles that life has brought her, she has built a career around her struggles. Flores, former Pierce College student, did not let her rough childhood intervene with her educational goals. She […]

Moe than meets the eye

Moe than meets the eye

Dancing isn’t just solely body movements, but a sense of self-awareness. One must be conscious of their kinesthetics to achieve confidence, that is what instructor of theatre and dance Brian Moe is hoping to achieve. Moe has been dancing since 5, following along the footsteps of his siblings. “My sister danced, my brother danced, and […]

Imprinting significance through ink

Imprinting significance through ink

Instead of the aroma of cheese and dough, Jared McFarland is now constantly surrounded by the smells of fresh paint and ink, just how he prefers it. He decided to leave his job at a pizzeria in Northridge this summer in hopes of redirecting his life toward his love of art. After holding off on […]

A slave to the beat

Dance provides an intricate and elegant pathway across the stage. For dance major Chris de Piazza it has also provided a path for his life. De Piazza, 20, started dancing as a freshman at Taft High School. Initially, he embraced dance as a way to get out of P.E. after a suggestion from his friends. […]

IT’s new ‘it’ girl

IT’s new ‘it’ girl

Despite the obstacles that women may encounter in life, Farahnaz Nezhad did not let anything get in her way of achieving her dream job in the electronics world. Nezhad attended Kharazmi University in Iran, where she played badminton for two years and was studying mathematics. However, all that changed when she came to the United […]

Music major inspires Pierce students

It is often questioned whether majoring in music will lead one to a successful career path or not, but what most people don’t realize is that music is relentless. It is a form of speech that is expressed in such a way that cannot be formally spoken.    Former Pierce College student Bryan Barcinas is […]

Chicana con ganas a protestar

Chicana con ganas a protestar

Achieving a sense of safety among those who feel threatened has become a widespread cause. Protests, walkouts, and campaigns have sprouted throughout the country following the recent election, and one woman stands at the center of it all. Student activist Melissa Robles is passionate when it comes to representing the Latino community. Robles, chair of […]

Student finds booty as a pirate

X marks the spot for loose corks, spiced rum and a hidden treasure. It’s a pirate’s life or no life for geology major Elizabeth Colella. Colella has been re-enacting pirate acts for 10 years and has never been merrier. Colella started doing pirate re-enactments when her sister’s friend needed help at a vendor booth for […]

Walker reins in passion for horses

Walker reins in passion for horses

Swinging one leg over her horse, styling her sandy blonde hair braided to one side, Scarlet Walker, 25, gets ready to saddle up for a day of riding. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Walker has always been around a horse environment. Her parents taught her everything she knows about animals, specifically horses. “I’ve been […]

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