Clubs Lead Students Know Their School Better

Hundreds of Pierce College students were attracted to campus walkway for Club Rush, which was organized and supported by Associated Students Organization (ASO) from 10 a.m. to 1p.m. Oct. 11 and 12. "It was very successful," said Artur Shmukler, the president of ASO Club Council.

Half century of Dodger glory

Travel back in time 50 years to a time where the westernmost Major League Baseball team resided in St. Louis, to a time in which the only baseball team Southern California had ever known was the Hollywood Stars, and to a time where visionary Brooklyn Dodgers' owner Walter O'Malley would change that forever.

Professor puts some fun into history

Through the combined use of wit and colorful anecdotes, Richard McMillan leads his Latin American history course in a discussion on the Siege of...

The hills are alive with the science of music

Class is about to begin, as the students take out their pencils, notepads, and calculators. The professor prepares to start his lecture, but before...

Striving for educational equality



Student finds booty as a pirate

X marks the spot for loose corks, spiced rum and a hidden treasure. It’s a pirate’s life or no life for geology major Elizabeth...

Home is where the script is

At 25, Erik Santos told his family he was leaving his life in Chicago behind in hopes of becoming a Hollywood screenwriter. The next...

A Cafe in the park


New student government executives share background

Members of the incoming student government executive board for 2013-14 share their hobbies, and how they got involved with the Associated Students Organization. President Gustavo Sandoval,...