Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Aspiring model focuses on her degree

Every dream comes with an opportunity to conceive and fulfill it. For aspiring model and actress Jamie Daugherty, 21, the chance to came by...

Cadet assists campus sheriff to keep school safe

In a sea of current fashion, it’s easy to spot Melissa Hidalgo wearing her issued uniform -- a blue shirt and navy pants --...

Swimmers’ Secret Weapon: Training

"To left to left, to right to left to left, One, Ready go!" yelled out Judith Terhar, assistant coach for Pierce College swimming team. The swimmers' hands, raised in formation, line the pool. Head coach Fred Shaw explained that their techniques are a different aspect of training, part of it which teaches people to stroke efficiently and strongly so they can go their fastest.

Gay club brings insight

One of the recent additions to the Pierce College student clubs is the Gay-Straight Alliance club, also referred to as the "Rainbow Army." The club meets every Thursday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. in room Math 1412, and food and drinks are provided. "Do you: Think stereotypes are wrong? Hate discrimination? Want to be in a comfortable environment? Want to meet new people? Think it's time for a change? Want to make a difference? Come check us out!" reads the club flyer.

Leading the way for criminal justice majors

It's Wednesday evening at Pierce College and a crowd shuffles in.  Students coming to take Kathy Oborn's criminal justice class Wednesday night fill the auditorium-style classroom with talk and laughter as a bubbling energetic teacher walks in. 

Kathy Oborn, the chair of the political science/economics/criminal justice/Latino studies department, is a legend at Pierce College. 

The professor who built the criminal justice program caters to all of her students.  

Oborn made it possible to easily transfer to a California State University and earn an AA degree.  She was instrumental in bringing in a judge, a deputy district attorney and a retired police lieutenant to teach criminal justice classes.

"We're not a police program," she said.  "We focus on the justice system as a whole.  We're an academic track."

Counseling: Tips at the Sip

A cup of joe and tip or two for you. Last week was the start of a semi-new walk-up counseling program at the Pierce College Freudian Sip. Students can find a counselor at a designated table at The Sip every Tuesday and Thursday from 11 a.m. to noon and every Wednesday from noon to 1 p.

English teacher takes on new role

The walls of this office are bare. A few boxes are still packed with what will fill the empty bookshelf. The occupant of this...

Robotics Club abounds with ambition

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RX5YP2qzlvM?list=UUTDq1OmD5Bjq4tSjbujxzIg&w=640&h=360] In the Applied Technology building on the west side of campus, some of Pierce’s brilliant minds have been busy working together in the...

Hope for suffering, recovering addicts

Entering Addiction Studies 1 on Monday afternoon, an observer might expect a quiet room full of serious faces - but music is playing. The professor is discussing Miles Davis, and his dog, Benny, is lying curled up under his desk. Students are smiling, conversing and appear at ease.