Friday, April 19, 2019

Hepatitis C

You could be at risk of contracting Hepatitis C, a viral infection that causes serious damage to the lungs, if you have recently pierced any part of your body, shared body jewelry, been sexually active, shared needles while "shooting" drugs or simply gone to your workplace, depending on where you work.

Balancing the sexes

While it might seem like there are more male faculty walking around campus, that simply isn't true. At Pierce College, the faculty consists of mostly females. The percent of female faculty and female students is about the same. The faculty has 53.5 percent female and the students are 57 percent female.

Blind student envisions success

Umair Ibrahim attends school like any other student. He patiently rides the city bus, walks to class with a friend, does his homework and prepares for the next day. There is only one mountain that stands in his path; for Ibrahim, a driving force. He is blind.

Violent ‘hood stepping stone in actor’s career

In the television show, "The Wire," the often true-to-life stories have helped to make it one of the most popular shows on TV today. The series, which stars Dominic West and Lance Reddick, airs on HBO at 10 p.m. Sundays. It is often compared to cop dramas such as "The Sopranos" and is currently in its fourth season.

Family learns together the value of college

Nolan Burkholder, 12, takes biology, computer science and oceanography classes at Pierce College. Additionally, two other members of his family attend Pierce. His 14-year-old sister, Valerie Burkholder takes English, C++ programming and calculus classes.

Donated cars, trucks give techs hands-on opportunities

Where did all the cars and trucks come from in the Automotive Technology building? The Automotive Technology Department has 20 vehicles to use, all "for educational purposes... and donated from the manufacturers," said Tom Rosdahl, a professor in the Automotive Technology Department.

SHHH… I’ll tell you my dirty little secret…

Best-selling author Frank Warren was walking across campus last month. While visiting the art hill, he realized that he had never taken an art class. He also realized that the only English class he had ever enrolled in was a remedial one. One may not know the name, but his ongoing art project maybe more recognizable to some.

Sociology of class, war keeps students engaged

The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates, but the great teacher inspires. According to many of his students, Professor Chuck O'Connell is the type to inspire. "O'Connell's class is an eye opener. It's truly an informative, inspiring experience.

Concurrent enrollment program draws younger

The number of students enrolled in Pierce College's concurrent enrollment program is growing, and the students are getting younger. "If the student looks 14-years-old, they probably are," said Izzy Goodman, president of the Pierce Academic Senate. Concurrent student enrollment at Pierce, students in kindergarten through 12th grade, has reached 1,548 students, a majority of whom are still in high school.

Pierce brings more diversity than UCs

Approximately 18,657 students are enrolled at Pierce College this semester. A population that throughout the years has become increasingly diverse despite the contrary difficulty that the University of California campuses experience each year in attracting students, particularly those with distinct ethnic backgrounds.