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Top 5 applefritters near Pierce

When one thinks of a sweet breakfast treat, thoughts jump quickly to donuts, turnovers, danishes and even coffee cakes. But there is a serious snack that is often overlooked by the majority of early morning pastry shoppers: the apple fritter. Apple fritters are made multiple different ways but essentially contain apple bits that are coated […]

5 burgers under $5 within 5 miles of Pierce

After a morning class spills over into the hours of the afternoon, it is likely that most student will be hungry. There are plenty of options for a quick meal surrounding Pierce College. Depending on the restaurant as well as the cuisine, some choices may punish or pamper the pallet as well as one’s wallet. […]

Top 10 San Fernando Valley thrift stores

With the holidays approaching rapidly, crowds of people are gathering at shopping malls to get a head start on purchasing gifts. One way to beat the hussle and bussle that comes along with the territory is to consider purchasing some gifts from a local thrift store. The idea of associating second-hand gifts with terms such […]

Review: Campus food

With an hour or two between classes students sometimes want to get a bite to eat, but with no cafeteria they have different options to get their meal from. One place that could serve as an option is the Freudian Sip, as they coffee, sandwiches, pizza, chips, and fountain drinks.  However, students’ like Michael De […]

Afternoon concert featuring talented duo

    A flute and guitar pair, Duo Amantis, performed for the latest installment of concerts at Pierce with Renaissance and Baroque musical arrangements in the 3400 Music Building. The duo met in 2006 while attending the California Institute of the Arts and their name is derived from a piece named “Lachrimae Amantis” which means […]

Pierce’s next theater production

The next theater production for Pierce is the Broadway musical ‘Side Show’ which will be on stage from Dec. 2 through Dec. 12 in the Temporary Performing Arts Complex near the Mason Avenue entrance.   This musical tells the true story about two women, conjoined twins, and their trip through vaudeville to Hollywood where they […]

Artist from birth

Wearing tight, dark clothing with jet black hair across his face and a pierced lip, multiple demonic rings on his hands only add to the style that exudes from the art of 25-year-old Ryan Aleister Merrick. Merrick is in his first semester at Pierce and is here to learn video editing and audio recording to help […]

Good vibrations from the piano

The noon concert series continued with pianist Kanae Matsumoto’s passionate playing. Kanae who started playing music very young and holds a Doctoral degree from the University of California at Los Angeles played the piano for a crowd of 150 students this afternoon. Next Thursday’s concert will feature guitarist Duo Amantis and Michael Kudirka with Tara Schwab […]

From street dancer to student choreographer

Tin Nguyen, 24, art and dance major walks towards the stage adjacent to the music building with his “personal funk system” red boom box over his shoulder. He walks up the stairs bends down to plug his boom box in and ‘Battle Cry’ by Nu Jabes begins to play. His body twists and lowers to […]

Afternoon concert series lends its stage to Brahmas

The Afternoon Concert Series took a new direction with the ‘Student Concert’ Thursday, in the Music Department in room 3400. Sandra Saad highlighted the concert with a strong rendition of “Revenge.” She said after the concert that she was just in character and didn’t have any grudges that motivated her performance. Carl Jacobs kicked off […]


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