Sunday, January 20, 2019

Falafelicious food truck

Reporter Gabriela Soriano interviews the owner of the Falafelicious food truck, one of the 3 food trucks that serve the campus of Los Angeles...

Horses parade for a crowd

  Pierce College student Scarlet Walker showed four horses at the annual Parade of Breeds event held at the Equestarian Center Oct. 12. Forty horses...

Fox television show “Bones” film at abandoned horticulture center

The cast and crew of the hit tv show "Bones" was filmed yesterday at the abandoned horticulure center at Pierce College.

Pierce College Commencement Speech

A snippet of Commencement Speaker Tavis Smiley's speech at the Spring 2014 Pierce College graduation.

What is the ASO? Will You be Voting?

Video by Jordan Williams

The making of a corn maze



Evan Henzi, an ethnomusicology major, plays an original musical piece, Alien, that explores elements of romance, love and themes of outerspace. In this video, Henzi...

Roundup Campus Life: Food at Pierce College

Students share their thoughts on the food available on campus, from food trucks to the Freudian Sip. They also discuss what types of food...

The Animals of Pierce College

A video of the animals on campus.

Slideshow: Pierce vs Oxnard