Friday, February 22, 2019

Behind the Print: Issue 1

Behind the Print is an inside look into the Roundup Newspaper. This episode the editors make their 3p.m. Tuesday deadline for the first issue...

The great Halloween feast

[youtube] Dressed as the Great Pumpkin from Charlie Brown the president of the Four Corners Co-Op hung colored foil pumpkins, to help decorate the ceiling...

Club Rush: Vegan Club

Video by Aryanna Dunn

Player profile: Cornerback Jay’Onn Myles

The Roundup news profiles Brahma football player Jay'Onn Myles on his experience playing football at a young age from high school to college as...

UC Protests

Women’s basketball team prepares for season

The Pierce College women's basketball team talks about the upcoming spring 2014 season.

Backwards baseball Reporter Blake Williams reports on a game of backwards baseball for Halloween.

Day of Politics at Pierce College Reporter Mohammad Djauhari documents the 2016 Day of Politics at Pierce College. Djauhari also interviews students to ask about their political views, and why they're...

Brahmas vs. Vaqueros

Danielle Kimble reports on the Brahmas football season and the final game of the season.

Street beat: What if Hillary Clinton was president?

A street beat on if Hillary Clinton became the first woman president.