Thursday, July 18, 2019

Behind the scenes of “Pierce the Stillness”

Roundup reporter Sandy Luque takes us behind the scenes in the production of the Dance department's show "Pierce the Stillness" in this multimedia piece.

Slideshow: Pierce vs Oxnard


Is wearing your Halloween mask on campus a safety issue?

With safety issues a concern and a topic of discussion on many campuses, Roundup staff reporter Jessica Vaughan ask the students of Pierce College...

Priscilla Jauregui makeup timelapse A time lapse of Priscilla Jauregui doing her makeup. Video by Taylor Arthur. For the full story click here

Women’s Soccer Team wins again

Total ball control was shown by the Brahmas in their third consecutive win of the season on Friday. The Pierce College women's soccer team defeated...

Behind the Print: Production day slideshow

Video by Nicolas Heredia

First day of school

Behind the Print: The Managing Editor

Behind the Print is an inside look into the Roundup Newspaper. This episode we get to know the Managing Editor and her responsibilities.

Behind the Print: Cartoonist at Work

Behind the Print is an inside look into the Roundup newspaper. On this episode we get to see how our cartoonist makes one of...

A day for vegans

The Vegan Society of Pierce College organizes an event at the Great Hall to change the perception of who vegans are, what veganism is,...

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