Monday, March 18, 2019

Students and faculty march to defend DACA

http:// Students protest on campus after it was announced by the current administration that DACA would be rescinded, leaving the future status of DACA recipients...

Former campus food truck now operates across the street On Wednesday, June 7, the LACCD Board of Trustee voted to contract a single vendor to provide food for all campuses in the district...

Hairspray: Behind the music

Randi Love goes behind the scene with Pierce's production of Hairspray. For review of Hairspray, click here

The Animals of Pierce College

A video of the animals on campus.

ASO Elections

Isela Gonzalez reports on the ASO Elections. For election results, please click here

Denim Day

This is a video about why we have Denim Day at Pierce College.

Stereotype my major

Street beat: What if Hillary Clinton was president?

A street beat on if Hillary Clinton became the first woman president.

Paz Dressler the 4 year old skater

Mickie Shaw reports on a 4 year old skater in North Hollywood, California.  

AGWC Rockin’ Rescues Animal Adoption Center

Dani Novazkski reports on Woodland Hills AGWC Rockin’ Rescues Animal Adoption Center. 19855 Ventura Blvd Woodland Hills, CA 91364 Woodland Hills