Friday, February 22, 2019

Over 100 students try to ‘crash’ English class

[youtube]   Video by: Ethan Hanson Edited by: Eli Diaz

If you could change one thing about Pierce, what would it be?

If you could change one thing about Pierce College, what would it be? Roundup reporter Tanya Castaneda asks the students on campus what is...

What Do You Know About the ASO?

Video by Katerina Chryssafis

Hollywood reporter speaks at Pierce

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Auditions begin for the musical “The Sideshow”

Auditions were held on Thursday Sept. 8, for the upcoming musical "The Sideshow," which will be debuting in early December. Liza Miranda is the first...

Player profile: Cornerback Jay’Onn Myles

The Roundup news profiles Brahma football player Jay'Onn Myles on his experience playing football at a young age from high school to college as...

Club Rush: Vegan Club

Video by Aryanna Dunn

Roundup Campus Life: Pierce construction

[youtube] Pierce College students speak on how they feel about the ongoing construction on campus. Video and editing done by: Todd Rosenblatt, Genna Gold, and...

Spring 2014 Photo Salon

The Pierce College Media Arts Department hosted its annual Photo Salon showcasing the photographic work of students inside the Library Learning Crossroads building. The...

Tesla Motors visits Pierce College

Accompanied by three of its electric cars, representatives from Tesla Motors visited the Automotive Service Technology class Thursday, May 29, to meet with and...