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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Associate Dean of Agriculture’s future unclear

Associate Dean of Agriculture David E. Williams is on Administrative leave after an investigation was launched against him due to multiple student complaints.   An investigation...

Pierce walkout: “We Make America Great”

Student and faculty at Pierce College protest his policies in a peaceful manner.

Location of the 2017 Graduation in discussion

The Academic Senate had its first meeting this semester on Monday Feb. 13 to discuss the location of the upcoming commencement ceremony. Shepard Stadium...

Statway locks in students to second-semester class

Pierce College offers Statway, which is a program that allows students to complete their math requirements in two semesters. Traditionally, students take either Math 115...

Kathleen Burke-Kelly: The Farm is not going anywhere

Editor's Note: This is an emailed response sent to staff and faculty at Pierce College by campus president Kathleen Burke-Kelly. This letter is in...

Dean Story



6,700 people attended the Pierce College Agriculture Department's 19th annual Farmwalk on Sunday, which showcased the department's working facilities and other attractions.  

Annual festival to open at the end of the month

Entering its ninth year as a holiday tradition, the annual Halloween Harvest Festival at Pierce College officially opens its gates Sept. 27 at the...

An urge for cheaper transportation

Traffic, fluctuating gas prices and the parking space issue on campus are enough to discourage students from driving, however efforts from the ASO might...