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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Four students arrested for hate crime

Pierce College campus police are investigating a hate crime altercation that occurred between several students on Tuesday Feb. 11 on the mall. The fight occurred between...

Pierce College offers free tax preparation on Saturdays

New and returning students and administrators gathered in the Business Education building Saturday morning to serve their community by preparing tax returns at no...


In a crowd of almost 8,500 immigrant-rights activists at MacArthur Park Thursday, the police stood out as the proverbial elephant in the room. May 1 last year, the park was the scene of what William Bratton, Los Angeles Police Department Chief, referred to in an interview with National Public Radio as an embarrassing scene.

Dunkin’ Donuts films autumn-themed commercial at Pierce

Massachuetts-based coffee chain Dunkin' Donuts opened its first Los Angeles-area stores in September, 2014. The company with the pink and orange logo shot a...

Vintage Market returns to Pierce

Vintage, antique and art connoisseurs perused through an array of antiquities exhibited for sale at Pierce College over the weekend. Convening every fourth Sunday, the...

Pierce pre-vet student remembered in memorial

The sun came out from the clouds at noon, Feb. 8, for the Robert Ramage memorial, a pre-vet student at Pierce College, at the Disabled...

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Former Pierce College President Robert Garber explained why he made the decision for the demolition of the farmhouses.