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Old Roundup bungalow takes its final bow

Old Roundup bungalow takes its final bow

It has been a mainstay for more than 50 years on the Pierce College campus, but finally it is being torn down. The old Roundup bungalow was the spot where student journalists honed their skills reporting thousands of stories over the years. Behind the scenes, it has meant a lot to reporters past and present as it remained a symbol of the hard work that goes into keeping the public informed.

Swimming: School records set, state finals made

Swimming: School records set, state finals made

The women’s team ended the season with a 3-3 win-loss record, while the men’s team struggled and ended the season with a 1-5 win-loss record. Jessica Chen placed first in the 50, 100 and 200 yd. freestyle events as well as Deborah Hefter sharing similar success in the 50 and 100 yd.

Tennis: Dismal season, hopes for the next

Pierce tennis ended in a disappointing fashion with a 2-8 win-loss record in the league as they struggled to compete for honors. “The season was a disaster,” said Allen Dunn, assistant tennis coach. “We didn’t have much to work with,” he said. Pierce however did fare slightly better in the postseason tournaments.

Don’t give up

Don’t give up

It has been roughly five years since the last time I left the United States of America and Pierce College because of a personal matter. I left my education over here at that time without a degree. Last January, I came back again to this country for continuing my education about two more semesters left and after two denials of a visa.

Softball: Injuries, replacements stall season

The softball team may not have done as well as they did in the two seasons preceding them with only five wins and 35 losses this season. “Our strength was the team knew that we didn’t have a strong pitcher,” said Head Coach Pat Grennan. Freshman pitcher Amanda Mayora joined the team late in the season and then had to leave due to injuries.

Letter to the Editor

I’m writing in response to your editorial, “Inform, then contain” that was critical of how the college handled communication regarding several incidents that occurred in recent weeks. While I could dispute the completeness of your facts, and how you’ve interpreted them, I basically agree with your conclusion that better communication would benefit all of us in the Pierce community.

uWink offers techno spin on dining in the iPod age

Technology has finally brought the restaurant eater into the kitchen. The invention of the stove is old news like ancient artifacts and the waitress is slowly being phased out like the Mayans. In the wake of Apple’s iPod revolutionizing our take on music, uWink is revolutionizing the dinner rush.

Prolific profs published

Some professors at Pierce College are doing it. They write their own textbooks and require students to use them in order to take their class. Some might automatically assume that professors are using their own written textbooks to cash in on the proceeds, but this is hardly the case.

‘Georgia Rule’ just doesn’t

‘Georgia Rule’ just doesn’t

Two words can describe “Georgia Rule”: continuous confusion. The Boston Globe has called it “a bad idea dreadfully executed.” The Chicago Tribune says of the movie, “Maybe ‘Georgia Rule’ should be required viewing for Paris Hilton during her term in the slammer.

Rules of subtraction: Getting more from textbooks

In an effort to make teachers aware of their ability to combat the high price of textbooks, Greg Osweiler, Pierce College Student Store manager gave the Media Arts and Anthropology departments a pizza party May 8 for getting their textbook orders in first for summer school 2007 classes.


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