Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Seeking leadership from the ASO

    The student leadership at Pierce College has an opportunity to make real change in the lives of the students but instead has settled for...

Fees on the rise

Do not be alarmed by a possible enrollment-fee increase of at least $6 per unit sometime next year for California community colleges.

As of press time, there is no official news release about the fees returning $26 per unit-a price last paid in the summer of 2007-but there has been a speculation it will rise to $30 as soon as July 1 of next year.

Don’t bail on your student email

Quick,without looking, what's your LACCD student email address? Hint: It's written in all caps, has a random portion of your last name followed by your...

Counselors: Take it personally

Students who attend community college usually have one of three goals: transfer to a four-year university, acquire an AA degree or network within their...


Every weekday morning, the Pierce College library is the last in the district to open its doors. Six of the nine college libraries even operate on Saturday. Can't Pierce open the library an hour earlier? Students are waiting for earlier opening. The main reason for not being able to extend hours is a lack of additional funding and less staff, according to Florence Robin, library department chair.

Worth the big bucks

As school starts yet again, students are greeted with long lines everywhere. Waiting at the bookstore to buy your books for the class you...

Ending radio silence

Many colleges have student-run, noncommercial educational radio broadcast stations. They can be valuable assets to colleges for various reasons, such as giving information on...

Support rape prevention, response

"In 2000, the Sexual Victimization of College Women survey estimated that a college with 10,000 students could expect more than 350 rapes per year to occur on that campus." This alarming statistic did not come from our research, but rather from the Pierce College Web site, where it informs students about sexual violence and their options should an attack occur.

Opening a recycling center on campus

Opening a recycling center at Pierce will not only put money in our pockets, but encourage students to make environmentally conscious decisions in daily...