Sunday, February 17, 2019

Make a campus wide equipment checkout program

It isn’t anything new that textbook prices and other expenses for college students have risen over the years. It is also safe to say...

Maps editorial

This parking is not preferable

During the morning hours at Pierce College, students commute to campus and anxiously look for a parking spots, eager to get to class on...

Never-ending construction conundrum

Pierce College and construction. The two go hand-in-hand. It has come to a point where the situation is shrouded in more rumors than the...

Editorial: Shady Benches

Despite the fact that fall is here, Pierce College is still experiencing high temperatures and intense sun exposure on campus. In hostile summer conditions,...


Every weekday morning, the Pierce College library is the last in the district to open its doors. Six of the nine college libraries even operate on Saturday. Can't Pierce open the library an hour earlier? Students are waiting for earlier opening. The main reason for not being able to extend hours is a lack of additional funding and less staff, according to Florence Robin, library department chair.

Education can lead to graduation

Why is it so hard for students to leave Pierce College? At a recent meeting of the Pierce Academic Senate, President Robert Garber said that roughly 70 percent of those students who enter Pierce with intentions of transferring to a four-year university are unable to realize that goal.