Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Fees on the rise

Do not be alarmed by a possible enrollment-fee increase of at least $6 per unit sometime next year for California community colleges.

As of press time, there is no official news release about the fees returning $26 per unit-a price last paid in the summer of 2007-but there has been a speculation it will rise to $30 as soon as July 1 of next year.

Class crashing policy should prioritize early birds

Almost all college students will find themselves needing a class that’s closed. That’s where crashing comes in handy. It’s not that sitting through an...

Bicycle and skateboarding lane on the Mall is a must

The law regarding no bicycling or skateboarding on campus was made not only as a safety measure for students, but as a way to...

The Battle To Transfer

    Priority enrollment should be given to students with the most seniority and who are ready to transfer. This semester found classes filled wall-to-wall with students...

Lights out across Pierce College

One of the worst times to be at Pierce College is during the night. When the sun sets and the few sources of light...

Participation shouldn’t be graded

Class participation shouldn't be mandatory for a student's grade. Not only is it too ambiguous to grade, but it also punishes and creates a...

A community’s college

  The word community is thrown around a lot when talking about community colleges. However, the true definition of that word has been shown in...

Faculty stats buck gender trends

While national surveys demonstate a continued discrepancy in the male to female gender ratio among college faculty, Pierce College is changing that trend. Thank you to an administration that has hired for the educational value of their instructors rather than for the traditional gender and ethnic stereotypes.

To keep football, we must do it right

To say that the Pierce College football team had a tough season would be an understatement. With only one win (the rest losses), the players have been plagued with a number of problems off the field, which likely contributed to their performance on it. The Brahmas began this past season with 0 wins and 10 losses in 2005-punctuating a 38-143 record dating back to 1988.