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Worth the big bucks

As school starts yet again, students are greeted with long lines everywhere. Waiting at the bookstore to buy your books for the class you just added. Waiting at Admissions and Records if you were lucky enough to be added to a class, and struggling to find a parking space in order to get to class […]

Promote public education: Vote ‘YES’ on Proposition 30

It’s a real shame that getting an education in California is so hard these days.   So who is to blame for this crisis? At this point it really doesn’t matter. We just desperately need money for our schools.   Over the past few years California’s Department of Education has taken detrimental cuts to funding, […]

Law enforcers, get informed

Law enforcers, get informed

  The First Amendment of the United States Constitution states that “Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.”   Sadly, as Roundup staff has witness over the past semester, those who enforce laws on campus are not familiar with this basic amendment.   Law enforcers do not, in […]

Why only three lucky departments?

Instead of equally distributing additional sections between departments, this semester, Pierce College ignorantly added 42 sections, which include 1,000 seats, to three departments alone.   More than 100 students stood at the door of each biology class during the first week of this semester.   More than 100 students in each section hoped this would […]

Trustees are out of reach

Trustees are out of reach

        The Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) needs to be more transparent and more easily accessible to the people they govern. The Board of Trustees for the LACCD, an elected body, made the decision to remove their contact information from their website last semester. In this current state of ever-increasing collegiate […]

Campus needs more daily parking permit dispensers

Pierce College should have daily parking permit dispensers in all lots, not just on four of the eight it currently has.   Finding parking quickly on campus is a rare, but amazing feeling.   But, for some students who don’t have semester parking passes, finding a daily parking permit dispenser is one more obstacle they […]

First day no-shows should be dropped from classes

Professors have to drop students who do not show up the first day of class.   Too many students spend the first two weeks of school shopping for classes, holding seats in classes they don’t even intend to take.   With the existing economic environment this practice must be put to an end.   Students […]

Where is the internet

Where is the internet

    The Wi-Fi service provided for students and staff on campus is terrible.   In some places it works okay but almost never where and when you need it.   The service is great at the library where there are computers available to you so it isn’t needed but in the Village area where […]

Seeking leadership from the ASO

Seeking leadership from the ASO

    The student leadership at Pierce College has an opportunity to make real change in the lives of the students but instead has settled for sinking into obscurity.   In one of the state’s largest community colleges, officers are elected to leadership positions in the hopes that they will take an active role in […]

Why so much money?

Why so much money?

  Cartoon: Maria Salvador   Class has ended and for some students it means an hour between classes, so why not take that hour to grab some lunch?   Well if you like “overpriced” food then the Freudian Sip is the choice for you to get your food here on campus. Of course the Sip […]


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