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Fresh food for Pierce

  Since the arrival of the food trucks, Pierce College staff, faculty and students have been looking for an alternative source of food.   Pierce does not need to look far when they have a gold mine on the corner of Victory and De Soto.   Finding a slice of pizza, a fatty hamburger or […]

Give bicyclists and boarders a space on campus

Pierce College lacks a policy that acknowledges the biking, skating and boarding population of our campus.   The only online documentation of a bicycle policy is a one page PDF labeled “Bike Safety Rules” which is approved by former Pierce President Robert M. Garber and former Vice President of Administrative Services Kenneth B. Takeda, back […]

Students should stand up to vandals in the library

With over $40 million used to build the new Library and Learning Crossroads (LLC), the building was designed and created with students in mind.   Students now have one of the best resources available on campus.   It is not only the best, but also the nicest place to be to get work done or […]

More healthy options should be available on campus

College students are constantly on the go, as students have deadlines to meet, classes to attend, and places to go.   All of that running around can really work up an appetite, and with Pierce College looking for food vendors to occupy the new cafeteria, an emphasis should be put on finding healthy food to […]

Student representatives often absent from campus governance meetings

Wherever decisions affecting the students are discussed and voted on are held, the voice of the students must be present. But the voice of the students in the Pierce College shared governance system, the Associated Students Organization (ASO), has been noticeably absent from the proceedings of campus government groups. In the hierarchy of campus government, […]

Put public meetings in the Great Hall

Many of the policies, regulations and recommendations that govern our campus are taken to vote in the College Services Building’s Conference Room.   Wait. The what? Where?   Exactly.   Some policies have been approved during the semester that highly affect students. For example, the district fundraising policy that is now being enforced and the […]

Pierce should extend a helping hand to incoming high school students

Even though Proposition 30 stopped some of the bleeding last Nov., federal sequestration stands to take $67 million more from Calif.’s budget for special education. In light of the recent budget cuts, Pierce College’s ten-year-old High School Outreach and Recruitment program’s team of 12 student workers was downsized to one staff member. The Roundup understands […]

Orientation at Pierce should be mandatory

Transitioning from high school to college can be a daunting task, and a mandatory summer orientation could provide a softer landing for new students’ first footsteps on Pierce College’s campus. If Pierce mandated an orientation orientation, it would afford students an opportunity to become better informed on what the school offers and get a running […]

Alert system and locks are needed to protect Pierce campus

  Run, hide, fight. This is the advice given by the Department of Homeland Security in a pamphlet on how to respond in the event of an active shooter as distributed by the Pierce College sheriff’s department. The distribution and instruction of these directions are a reaction to the recent shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary […]

Parking pass policy unfair

Parking pass policy unfair

This semester, Pierce College implemented a new rule that students will be required to pay their semester dues in full before being allowed to purchase parking permits. That means if you can’t afford to pay for your fees in full, you’re not getting a parking pass. If you can’t get a pass to park on […]


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