Friday, January 18, 2019

A policy as thin as smoke

As an ex-smoker, I understand the harmful effects of the disgusting habit. I understand the animosity felt when someone tells you that you can't smoke in a certain place. I used to hate rules against smoking and believed they infringed on my God-given rights.

Vote Yes on prop 92

Feb. 5 is a monumental day for community college students to make a significant difference in the voting booths. Proposition 92 directly impacts the amount you spend on education by lowering the unit price from $20 to $15. Potentially, $70 million in fee revenue would be lost to the state, but K-14 will earn $300 million annually.

Please stop hurling junk food at our time-deprived students

From pizza and chips to soups and lattes, the variety of food offered at Pierce College is incredible.

Although I have never considered myself to be a health freak, eating well is a part of my everyday life.

I have sat through one too many science and health classes at Pierce not to know that maintaining a balanced diet contributes greatly to a better quality of life.

Adulthood part 1

Most of us were probably counting the minutes as they slowly ticked by on the long and ever-so-slow march toward turning 18.

Hitting 18 struck a victory bell that rang loudly and clearly - you know, that kind of ring that renders nearby witnesses into a state of shock because it is just that epic.

Quick! Help! Someone get us the Geek Squad!

Somebody call the Geek Squad. Pierce College is far from the forefront of technology. It's like the little red schoolhouse that tried but just couldn't. There are countless problems when it comes to using any high technology on this campus. In the past two months, several dramatic and important technological changes have occurred on campus and the Information Technology (IT) department has failed to meet the needs of these changes, causing big problems.

Proper prep for finals is key

With winter approaching a little too slowly to sunny California this year, Pierce College's Fall semester is reaching an end and final examinations are knocking on the door. Finals mean good and bad news. Who wants to be at school way into the holiday season? Nobody.

Living in fear of “The Box”

As far back as I can remember I have feared "the box." When I was younger, the choices were a little easier to decide, it was either "black" or "white," but today it seems that even though there are more races to choose from there are still none that I can identify with.

‘Deck the Halls’ an unoriginally re-run

It's that time of year again! Shopping sprees, holiday cheer, and, most notorious of them all, holiday movies. "Deck the Halls," starring Danny DeVito and Matthew Broderick, fits in perfectly with the mood of other dysfunctional family holiday movies done in the past.

Not worth the money honey

On Gwen Stefani's sophomore attempt of a solo career, "The Sweet Escape," she fails to do anything except make the listener change the radio station. The charm and cutesy, bubble gum voice that Stefani sang her heart out with on her albums with No Doubt has suddenly become whiney and flat.

To keep football, we must do it right

To say that the Pierce College football team had a tough season would be an understatement. With only one win (the rest losses), the players have been plagued with a number of problems off the field, which likely contributed to their performance on it. The Brahmas began this past season with 0 wins and 10 losses in 2005-punctuating a 38-143 record dating back to 1988.