Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Proper prep for finals is key

With winter approaching a little too slowly to sunny California this year, Pierce College's Fall semester is reaching an end and final examinations are knocking on the door. Finals mean good and bad news. Who wants to be at school way into the holiday season? Nobody.

Students counseled to prepare for future

Too many college students take classes in college, which they later on find out will not help at all with their major. Too many of them do not know what their major is. A lot of the students want to apply to schools that do not offer the major they want to study.

Why does an “I” have to become a “We”?

I called my best friend the other evening because I was having yet another issue with the male species. For the past ten years of my life this is what I have done. Always eager to hear (I hate to admit) a much more mature, unbiased and rational viewpoint, I have always frantically dialed her number, awaiting my usual complimentary therapy session with whom I so affectionately refer to as "Dr.

Education can lead to graduation

Why is it so hard for students to leave Pierce College? At a recent meeting of the Pierce Academic Senate, President Robert Garber said that roughly 70 percent of those students who enter Pierce with intentions of transferring to a four-year university are unable to realize that goal.

Energy at Rose Bowl fuels fan’s devotion

As I walked into the Rose Bowl Saturday, it was going to be a great day. The long-standing rivalry between USC and UCLA is one of the biggest stories in college football. They are cross-town rivals who play for bragging rights every year, and I could just feel the excitement as I walked into the stadium.

Lost in the translation

The holidays are coming one by one. All the senses of this city are almost the same as the day I came to this country. Nearly two years ago, I flew from Shanghai, China, to reunite with my husband. I stood in the crowd at Los Angeles International Airport and looked around, feeling lonely.

To Ugg or not Ugg?

Uggs have been in the market since 1978 and it was not until 2002 that the young, hip generation of Southern California certified them the "it" shoe. Or, better yet, the media queen herself deemed them the must-have shoe in 2000 on her show and, once Oprah touches a product, it turns to gold.

Celebrity hype killed ‘Bobby’

When I heard "Bobby" would be based on a legendary Kennedy brother, I was there, but on Thanksgiving Day no one else was! Unfortunately, Director Emilio Estevez interpretation of Robert F. Kennedy's life was slim to none. The title "Bobby," was not appropriate for the movie.

Secondhand style vs. first-class appeal

Aardvarks and Nordstrom have the same amount of syllables in their names and that's about it, because the rest is nearly incomparable in the fashion world. Now don't misunderstand me, each store has great qualities about themselves but they are not at the same level to be compared.

Looking through a glass… darkly

Often the best way to look at the present is to view it from the perspective of the future because things are always more clear in hindsight. Therefore, in order to attain a more clear understanding of the new generations of "X," "Y" and ones not yet labeled by pop culture enthusiasts, we will try to look back at the present from the eyes of tomorrow.