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Column: Health and fitness tips

Having great nutrition is a key element to living a healthy and active lifestyle. By taking baby steps forward and committing to making changes in your diet, it can result to a longer and happier life. Most people join the health trend due to personal goals, such as losing or gaining weight. However, having great […]

Academic Senate talks mentorships with CSUs

Pierce College may need to reconsider their first response procedures during medical emergencies after an incident that occurred last Tuesday where a student collapsed in the performing arts building and was not properly attended to. Garineh Avakian-Akkus, music professor, was present at the time of the incident and said she did not receive assistance by […]

New paid undergraduate opportunity for sciences

Students majoring in behavioral, biomedical or any health advocacy areas have a new option to help them find a career with the partnership of Build Poder at Pierce. Build Poder stands for Building Infrastructure to Diversity and Promoting Opportunities for Diversity in Education and Research is a paid undergraduate program from CSUN that prepares students […]

Pro: Should vaccinations be mandatory?

In California and many other states, parents are already required to vaccinate their children and provide those records before a child can attend a public school, with one important exception. Parents whose religion prohibits medical treatment and those who simply do not believe in the proven efficacy of vaccination can choose to exempt their children […]

Con: Should vaccinations be mandatory?

Vaccines should not be mandatory for citizens of the U.S. Although there is no federal law that mandates getting vaccinated, all 50 states independently require its citizens to be properly vaccinated before they are allowed to attend school. More people benefit each year from being vaccinated than those who are negatively affected, according to the […]

Alternative medicine discussed in Anthropology Lecture Series

Doctors have been trained to be logical.   Many have a need for everything to be black or white when it comes to healthcare.   But some, like Dr. Sonya Pritzker, have based their lives on alternative and complementary medicine.   Pritzker spoke at the Anthropology Lecture Series in CFS 91126 Monday, and expressed that […]


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