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Under the limelight campus talents shine

On stage, lights blinded and hearts pounded. Courage struck to let creativity flow out of mind and into tangible form. Spoken word, guitar strings, song and even some holiday jokes were performed in the Great Hall Wednesday, Dec. 1, for a night of sharing and exploration in the English department’s Open Mic Night. Students and […]

The hills are alive with the science of music

The hills are alive with the science of music

Class is about to begin, as the students take out their pencils, notepads, and calculators. The professor prepares to start his lecture, but before the class can begin, he picks up an important tool for science: his guitar. Taught by Professor Raymond Bergstrom, Physics 15 is a class offered at Pierce College that teaches how […]

Con: Does music help or hinder studying?

When you study without music, you are more likely to retain what you have studied. In a study done at the University of Wales, they placed people in five different rooms with five different types of noise and recorded how they did on a test they had on the material studied. One room was silent, […]

Pro: Does music help or hinder studying?

Music has been scientifically proven to stimulate brain activity that would be essential when studying. Listening to music while preparing for the next final would only improve thought quality, leading to a better chance of passing. People study differently, but there are certain ways of boosting attentiveness. Most people enjoy listening to music, so adding […]

Thursday Concert: Es-haghi Brothers

A large crowd grew in the stifling Thursday heat, while students restlessly waited to enter the recital hall. Around 1 p.m., the crowd began to shuffle through the doors of MUS 3400 and the room was quickly filled. Through the hum of low level chatter, associate professor James Bergman walked to the front of the […]

Pierce College Choir performs final concert of season

Many gathered to hear the debut of the Pierce College Choir in their final concert at the St. John Baptist De La Salle church on Friday evening. The title of the choir performance was called “A Tapestry of American Song” with all songs accompanied by a band and orchestra. The audience remained captivated and engaged […]

Concert at Pierce brings students from the seats to the stage

Student performers captivated a crowded audience in the Music Room 3400 for the Concert at Pierce event Thursday, May 15, with more than 20 students participating in an amazing display of jazz ensembles, original songs and even a theatrical number. The second to last of the Pierce Student Concerts, hosted by Music Adjunct James Bergman […]

Philharmonic Choir to perform free concert at Pierce

The Philharmonic Choir of Pierce College will be hosting a free concert on Tuesday, May 27 in the Great Hall. “The Associated Student Organization awarded us $2,000 to help defray concert costs, and it will be a free concert,” said Theresa Danne, executive assistant for the choir. The choir will be singing with Saeed Mohamadi, […]

Pierce College spring concert “Montage” to have 100 dancers

The Dance and Theatre Arts Department is having a spring concert that will be taking place at the Pierce College theater tent located by the entrance off of Mason Avenue and Victory Boulevard. The show will take place May 30 and 31 at 8 p.m. and June 1 at 2 p.m. with the cost of […]

Concert at Pierce hosted violinist Ji Young An

Concert at Pierce hosted violinist Ji Young An

French-Korean transplant Ji Young An graced the Concert at Pierce series once again with fellow pianist James Lent, displaying her violin expertise with a trio of classical compositions in the music recital room on Thursday, March 8. Performing at the Concert at Pierce events since they began nearly six years ago, An is renowned for […]

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