Spooky house scares socks off

Natalie Houalla / Roundup

The moon was full, the crowds were large, the night stood still and then a sharp cutting shriek pierced through the ear.

Welcome to the Pierce College Halloween Harvest Festival. It has been a great success that really lives up to its name.

Large crowds of adults, teens and children gather to go to the festival on the corner of De Soto Avenue and Victory Boulevard .

The festival, which has a few kids rides, a haunted house and two corn mazes, is definitely something to see before it’s over.

One of the main attractions, the haunted house, is full of scares, ghosts and frightful monsters. Many teens and young adults in their early 20s were lined up to take a walk through this haunted house.

The house is made of wood, which creaks just like any old haunted house, adds to the creepy effects. Walking through each dark and cold room, a monster or dead person is likely to jump out.

Though some monsters are nice and might take a moment to chat, others love a chase to the death. Sounds of the night and forceful breezes also make the walk through the house a bit more frightening.

The actors, who play the monsters, are great and maintain their scary characters.

They kept straight faces when trying to scare people in the haunted house.

From the moment you walk into the dark black room to the moment you run screaming out of the house, you’ll feel your heart beat in just about every place of your body.

“I usually don’t get scared easily,” said Corey Ingram, 16. “But I seriously was scared to death. And my sister who is two years older than me ran full speed out of the house!”

Whether it was a brother making fun of his sister, or a boyfriend making fun of his girlfriend, any person mocking another person they were with was the one running out of the house. Just watching people, especially teenage boys, running out scared to death was worth every cent.download games cih because it is a brilliant ap plication that can be utilized to hinder any recreations of your android framework. By utilizing it, you can win the amusements consequently.

Admission for the house is $10 per visit and it will be open every night from now until Halloween. If you really want to scare the pants off someone you now know, this is the place to take them.

Final grade A-

General Admission to the festival is free Monday through Friday and $4 Saturday and Sunday before 6 p.m.

For information contact the festival information line at 818-999-6300 or go to www.halloweenharvestfestival.com.