Football struggles to gain footing

Jeffrey Hernandez / Roundup

Pierce College’s football team was once again defeated in the hands of an undefeated Glendale Community College squad.

The Vaqueros ran wild on the Brahmas defense, or lack there of, ending in a 3-28 loss.

Pierce displayed no signs of awakening from both sides of the football Saturday night.

The defense’s inability to stop the running game again proved critical to their loss.

Brahma’s offense was a fiasco, but arguably faced the No. 1 ranked defense in the Western State Conference. Eight minutes into the game, sophomore Quarterback Eric Wilcockson threw an interception that was returned for an 88-yard touchdown by Safety Matt Patterson giving the Vaqueros the 0-7 lead.

Wilcockson threw for only one completion, and was intercepted twice.

Head Coach Kevin Moore replaced him with Pierce’s only shining star of the game, Quarterback/Running back/Linebacker Roland White.

White not only posed a threat with his arm but with his legs, rushing for 61-yards in the game.

“White is a fantastic all around player,” said Moore. “He is the backbone of this team, and we’re going to ride on his shoulder this season.”

The Brahmas made a good run for the touchdown in the second, but were stopped and were forced to kick a 23-yard field goal giving them their only points of the game.

Torres found a hole through his left side for a three-yard touchdown, his first of the game, giving the Vaqueros a 3-14 lead.

The Brahmas secondary were primarily concerned for the run, leaving open more receivers than wanted.

“We didn’t come together as a defense,” said cornerback Travis Taylor after the game.

One of Pierce’s many mistakes was their inability to capitalize in the red-zone throughout the game.

In the very last minutes of the third quarter, White rolled out to his right and was picked-off for the first time by cornerback Elliot Jones. White went 4-13 with a commendable 91-yards as quarterback.

“We could’ve done better, it was a change getting ready for a conference game,” said White.

“My performance feels good, but it is a lot better with a win.”

With 11:00 left in the game, third quarterback of the game Chris Spaulding took over.

He had a good performance in the fourth, but, like the other quarterbacks, was tatted with an interception.

He went 5-15 and 51-pass yards.

Glendale tailback was relentless with his attack on the Brahmas, with less than five minutes of the game he once-again broke loose and finished his game with a 39-yard touchdown run.

“We were good early in the game,” said Moore. “But our lack of depth did not allow us to have fresh legs late in the game.”

With much improvement to be made, the Brahmas will host a 2-4 College of the Canyons Saturday.


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