100 games ‘n’ counting for Brahmas’ soccer

The Pierce College women’s soccer team has won more than 100 games in just under six seasons, a feat for any team, and one that should be recognized by a school not always known for its athletic domination.

The women’s soccer program started in 2001 and now has recorded its 103 victory in its first 135 games.

With 16 ties and only 16 losses, that is a winning percentage of .760.

Last season, Pierce had its best season with 23 wins, one loss and two ties.

They were also ranked tenth in the nation.

This season, with 12 new players on the team, the Brahmas have won 11 games, lost three and tied twice, with six games remaining in the season.

The Brahmas are in first place in the South Coast standings and appear to be primed for the playoffs.

Coach Adolfo Perez has been the head coach since the first season in 2001.

His program has been very successful. He stresses physical fitness, teamwork, and aggressiveness.

Perhaps this effort will encourage the expansion of the soccer program at Pierce to include a men’s team, something we have heard many students kik login lamenting.

While the soccer team’s efforts may be overshadowed by more traditional or flashy sports, their hard-earned success is surely validation of their place in Pierce athletics.

These women have proved that hard work and skill can bring our athletes to the top of their game.

Thank you to both the coach and the team for their continued dedication, drive and determination to be a point of light for Pierce.