’80s style trends returns to legs

Mariana Enriquez

Fashion trends always come back… just as fast of they go out! And as of January 2007, leggings are back: big and bold, making a statement with classic black to an array of color and pattern selections.

In the years of the 80s, when leg warmers, lingerie as outerwear, Jordache Jeans, jelly shoes, teased hair and vans were in, it seems like some of these things are making a comeback.

And after nearly 30 years, today no one can leave their house without the most treasured accessory, leggings, for this season’s fall 2006 and winter 2006 trends.

Although leggings are not for everyone, amateurs and major trendsetters everywhere will be sporting the look.

Pair them with tunics, long shirts, sweaters, shorts, skirts and short dresses, but the winning outfit with leggings is the jean skirt.

Out of all the trends, the jean skirt is also considered the most controversial item since not everyone is able to pull it off.

This legging trend looks best on those 18 and under. Liliana Ramos, 17, a high school student, is one of the few who can pull off the jean skirt look with leggings.

Wearing a hooded sweater, a tank top, thin scarf, jean skirt, skull black and white leggings, and leopard flats she is fashionable, young and bundled for school.

“I can wear anything with my legging and they keep me warm, I can’t live without them,” said Ramos.

But there are rules, according to Jan Sellman a fashion guru from wellpast50.com, “If you wore it when it was trendy before – you probably shouldn’t wear it when the trend returns,” meaning that this trend may exclude some women.

No one should be wearing leggings with a shirt or sweater that just hits the waist. It must be long, covering the behind.

The 25 and under girls are still passing the look off, but as that mark is passed, women should beware of how they wear them.

There is only one woman, who at nearly age 50, can pull the trend off and that is Madonna, the queen who made leggings fashionable in the 80s, besides, of course, Jennifer Beals in “Flashdance.”

Many young celebrities are wearing leggings religiously.

The likes of Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, Hilary Duff, Paris Hilton, and the Olsen twins are a few. 0Promoting other items from the 80s, Elizabeth Hurley has been seen in magazine ads, rocking Jordache Jeans, trying to bring them back.

Stores all over are carrying leggings in basic colors like grey, neutral, brown, black, navy blue and patterns of skulls, teddy bears, flowers and strips with lace trims. Prices vary on leggings, some as a cheap as $4.95 as other legging run from 22 to 44 dollars.

Runway designers like Chloe, Botega and Venetta have leggings incorporated in their fall 2006 look.

Keeping it classic like the runway look Leah Rubertino 23, wears her leggings with a long-sleeved turtle necked dress, a waist belt, black leggings and peep toe shoes.

“Leggings are so multi-useful, I can wear them under skirts, shorts or even my knee high boots and flats, I love them for now,” stated Rubertino. And as the spring and fall of 2007 come along, the look will change, full black and neutral color tights will be in.

Most importantly, bare legs will be the hit look again as it has been incorporated into the Prada spring collection.

Leggings are becoming popular among all ages. ()

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