Vote Yes on prop 92

Feb. 5 is a monumental day for community college students to make a significant difference in the voting booths. Proposition 92 directly impacts the amount you spend on education by lowering the unit price from $20 to $15.

Potentially, $70 million in fee revenue would be lost to the state, but K-14 will earn $300 million annually. K-12’s budget will be calculated separately from community college’s budget based on enrollment.

This will allow the state to give us the attention we deserve and to allocate funds our way, which generally would’ve been left on the chopping block.

“Super Tuesday” does not only signify a day of change for community college students in California, but also for our nation.

We do not endorse a specific candidate for the California primaries, but instead urge you to vote with your morals in one hand and the critical thinking skills you’ve acquired at Pierce College in the other.

This election is historic in so many ways; it would be a shame if you were not a part of it.

To learn more about the proposition, go to:

To find the closest polling place near you go to:


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