Men’s Volleyball looks forward to successful season

Natalie Hanassab

With almost the whole season ahead of them, the men’s volleyball team is confident that they will finish with a very satisfying record. The new season for volleyball began two weeks ago with a starting record of 3-2. The team believes it will improve on that tremendously, despite their young players. “We have very young players on our team, but players with a lot of potential,” said head coach Eddie Stanislawski. “Our practices consist of strict training, which usually last two hours, but a lot lighter before a game day.”Stanislawski himself was a member of the volleyball team in 1998 for three years in a row. It is his second year coaching at Pierce and he is always shows his players how to strive for success.The men’s volleyball team went undefeated in 2002 with an 18-0 record. They accomplished a record of 18-3 in 2003, as well as winning first place in the state championship.Team captains Richard Barraza and Steven Umemoto discussed how much responsibility comes with the job of being a captain.”You have to keep your cool during the game, even when things aren’t going so well,” said Barraza, a sophomore communications major. “Captains also provide leadership when needed.”Barraza believes in his team and enjoys pumping up the players with loud cheers during games.Umemoto said that the biggest accomplishment that his team has reached so far is actually becoming a team, since his teammates are very young.”We have a long way to go, but it’s looking good so far,” said Umemoto, an accounting major who is also a sophomore.Pierce will face a few tough schools during the season including Long Beach, Santa Monica College and the toughest of them, Moorpark College.Stanislawski’s plans for the season definitely include winning the state championship. He is very proud of what his team has accomplished so far and they have all the potential to come out as champions.Pierce will face San Diego City for a home game Friday at 7 p.m.


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