Gas prices are RIDIC!

Laura Davis / Roundup

Gasoline costing $4 per gallon is enough of an expenditure to make any form of public transportation seem more appealing than spending 20 bucks on a round-trip excursion downtown.

With gas prices rising not only to record-breaking rates, but also at high speed, one may begin to wonder how much more consumers will take before finding other means to get around.

This country is undoubtedly in a recession. The cost of food has skyrocketed, more so than it has in 17 years. While this may not be an issue for the wealthy, the less well off are suffering.

Students especially are feeling their pockets lighten after a trip to the grocery store or the gas station, spending as much as $50 to fill their four-cylinder engine vehicles.

Of course, it is a considerable thought to purchase a hybrid car, which would cut the cost of gas per tank by about half. Unfortunately, the combined cost of a car payment and insurance for a new automobile would amount to more than the money saved on a half a tank of gas, even week after week.

The thought of saving even a small amount of cash a month is almost unheard of for self-supporting college students, many who work and are enrolled in a full schedule of classes.

Choosing to live independently in a place like Los Angeles requires a vehicle, not only for convenience, but also as a vital tool to survive.

Although cutting out leisurely activities that entail driving long distances may not be something anyone wants, with gas prices on the rise they way that they are, this is reality.

The necessity of driving to work and school are priorities, leaving little left in our gas reservoirs to enjoy time off.

Something as simple as driving to the beach on the weekend should not be sacrificed because of high cost. The outrageous rising of the price of gas needs to come to an end to save our money, but more importantly, our sanity.

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