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Not since Weird Al Yankovic have audiences been graced with a well-crafted comedy album. Singing a song about being on a boat may seem like an easy task, but the boys of Lonely Island go above and beyond the call of comedy. Andy Sandberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone and might be the most believable fake MCs to grace the airwaves in a long time.

It should be no surprise either, as they have had plenty of practice crafting musical sketches on Saturday Night Live.

The album “Incredibad” features a few of the songs made famous by SNL, including “D— in a box” featuring Justin Timberlake. And yes, the song is about putting your junk in a box. It may seem like a juvenile concept, but the pop and rap genre is just as guilty of this. That is exactly what the boys are trying to point out.

It doesn’t hurt either that many famous rap and pop artists have no problem poking fun at themselves. The song “I’m on a Boat” features popular R & B singer T-Pain.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the lyrics—which consist of reminding the audience they are on a boat—many would consider it a legitimate attempt to reach the top of the charts.

After all, “take a pic, trick/I’m on a boat b-tch” really isn’t that far off from actual lyrics featured in “legitimate” rap songs.

However, if it weren’t for these off-beat lyrics, the album would lose its flavor and just like real MCs, the boys of Lonely Island carefully craft every verse. The song, “Like a Boss” takes a stab at hardcore rap artists by putting the words “like a boss” after every verse.

It doesn’t really sound that funny, but when you put the words “promote synergy” add an angry man saying “like a boss” and throw in a menacing beat; it equals complete genius.

The boys are not afraid of shocking the audience either. Famous actress and Harvard graduate Natalie Portman has her own song entitled “Natalie’s Rap” and it’s about ten seconds into the song that you realize this isn’t a innocent attempt at rapping. In fact, one minute of the song features more cuss words than 50 Cent has in a whole album.

The simple fact that it’s Natalie Portman makes the song an instant classic. It’s good to see that these celebrities actually have a sense of humor.

Hopefully, this freshman album isn’t the last time we’ll hear these SNL alum. Look out Beastie Boys, there are some new white boys on the street.

Incredibad album cover (Universal Republic Records)

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