Dancing away from stress

Arnavaz Fatemi / Roundup

Stress is not in the vocabulary for the dancers at Pierce College of the upcoming spring dance show.

Some of the dancers are saying that the show is bringing ease to not only them, but will bring people who are going to attend the show.

“Everyone is going through a rough time, whether they like to admit it or not,” said dancer and 21-year-old psychology major Rachael Light. “Either if you’re watching it or are dancing, it’s a way to let it out.”

Light is in three dances, the Lindy Hop, a Hip-Hop dance and a Contact Improve which Marian Weiser, professor of dance, describes as a, “big thing for modern dance.”

The only time Light jokingly said she wants to say “enough is enough” is after rehearsing for the Lindy Hop because she says she feels as if she wants to “barf because it’s so fast.”

During the Modern Dance class on Monday, Light moaned to Marian Weiser, the dance instructor, “I’m so sore!” because of the Sunday rehearsal.

Weiser responded with a very strong, “Good!”

Adylenne Solia, 19-year-old Veterinary Technician major and a dancer in the Hip-Hop piece said that time is approaching too quickly with the dance being less than a month away but it “for sure is a stress reliever.”

Solis went on to say, “we’re doing good.”

When Weiser was asked if the show was running smoothly so far, she responded with a look that almost said, “What do you think?” and about a minute after said, “Certainly.”

Although the dancers are at ease about the show, the rehearsals can get hectic.

At one point of the class Weiser asked Light a question about dance techniques. Light was caught off guard and couldn’t stop a yawn. Weiser looked at the entire class and said, “See, this is what the dance does to you. If you do come to school after rehearsals, you’re not really at school.”

Light said she expects the dance to be “rad,” and has “really high expectations.”

The show is said to sell out every semester and Weiser emphasized that tickets are going fast.

Prices for the show range from $6 to $11. The show is May 15-17. Friday and Saturday’s shows start at 8:00 p.m. and Sunday’s show starts at 2:00 p.m.

Crystal McGinnis, 26, demonstrates contemporary dance moves at the auditions for the 2009 Spring Dance Concert in the Campus Center at Pierce College on Sun, March 15, 2009. Photo by Alina Popov (Alina Popov/Roundup)

Kelly Iannuzz, 22, dances in the show, ?Don Quixote.? (Alina Popov / Roundup)

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