ASO President responds to controversy

Jeff Sandstoe / Roundup

Associated Students Organization (ASO) President Shani Simms’ response in an e-mail regarding an incident that occurred during an ASO Senate meeting.


Dear Readers,

It is an honor and privilege to represent and serve you, the students of Pierce College. I believe that you deserve to be represented with the highest level of professionalism and respect. ASO Senate meetings are conducted by the ASO Vice-President per the constitution; therefore I am personally unable to control the actions of individual members. ASO does not condone these actions and they are not the views or opinions of ASO. We will continue our efforts in creating new programs, events, and scholarships that will benefit you. As always, feel free to call or email me with ANY comments or concerns.

Thank you,
Shani Simms
(818) 347-0551 ext: 2190


For more information about the controversial incident, please visit :


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