LACCD approves 2010 Master Plan Update

    Gianni DiCrosta/ Roundup, Tyler McGee/ Roundup

    The LACCD Board of Trustees approved the 2010 Master Plan Update at its meeting today.

    The plan, an addendum to the 2002 Master Plan, outlines construction that will take place through 2015 on the Pierce College campus.

    Pierce faculty and staff attended the meeting to show support for the Master Plan.

    Paul Nieman, Director of Plant Facilities, showed his enthusiasm for the project.

    “This updated Master plan represents the needs and wants of the Pierce College facility,” Nieman said. “This Master Plan will truly allow Pierce College to enter the 21st century.”

    Nick Naczinski, Associated Students Organization President, also attended to represent the student body at Pierce.

    “It’s really making the campus a welcoming, enjoyable place to be,” Naczinski said. “I’ve had numerous students talk to me and say that the campus looks really great.”

    Tom Rosdahl, Academic Senate President, reminisced on bond funding that updated the campus in the 1950’s and 1960’s, and how it reflected the current construction plans.

    “What was decided years ago, has affected hundreds of thousands of students,” Rosdahl said.  “What you decide today will affect students in the future.”

    One of the first major updates included in the 2010 Master Plan Update, the Center for the Sciences, opens on August 30. Construction will continue over the next 5 years.

    New buildings include a Digital Arts & Media Building, a Library Learning Crossroads Building, an expansion of the Automotive Building and renovation of the John Shepard Stadium.