Fight for freedom of ingestion





Enough is enough, I’m tired of administrators and politicians telling us what we are allowed to put inside our own bodies.


In recent news, college officials and law enforcement agencies have been speaking out against a new caffeinated alcohol beverage called “Four Loko,” also known as, “Blackout in a Can”.


On Oct. 8, several Central Washington University students were found passed out with blood alcohol levels up to five times the legal limit.


All of the incoherent students later admitted to drinking Four Loko as well as other alcoholic drinks.


School officials and police officers are arguing that drinking this “Blackout in a Can” is dangerous and should be banned by the FDA.


This is where I have a problem. Since when is it the government’s job to tell us what we can and cannot ingest?


Honestly, there are some cases where I understand banning a substance. I have personally seen what meth and heroine can turn a person into. I’ve watched good honest people become violent thieves once addicted.


However, we are talking about caffeine and alcohol, not meth or heroin. Drinking these beverages does not make people a danger to others.


It may make them a danger to themselves, but if anyone has a right to hurt you, it is you. It is not the government’s job to save us from ourselves.


As long as companies put a warning on the product explaining that it may be harmful, we as consumers should have the right to choose whether or not we use it.


School officials are also claiming that the company, Phusion Projects LLC, is using colorful cans and fruit flavors to entice children to drink their products. This reminds me of the same argument that said Camel cigarettes was using “Joe Camel” to entice kids to smoke.


I’m sorry to tell you people, but cartoon camels and colorful cans do not convince teenagers to smoke and drink. Kids smoke and drink because it’s an escape from all the pressure put on them by schools and parents.


The only problem with this Four Loko drink is that caffeinating a drunk makes them twice as annoying. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to drink it.


Where does it stop? I mean, the government has already outlawed trans fats, they are working damn hard to outlaw smoking, now they are after caffeinated alcohol drinks.


So I ask again, what’s next? Salt, sugar? Where does it end?


When are we as a society going to stand up and say, “You cannot take away our ability to make stupid decisions”?


I know this argument may seem stupid to some. But the truth is, even though people should educate themselves and makes smart decisions, sometimes making the stupid decision is so much more fun.


Drinking Four Loko or any other caffeine alcohol mix is probably a bad idea. Mixing an upper and a downer is obviously not good for your heart.


But when you are out dancing and you want to get drunk and still be awake enough to tear it up on the dance floor, well, you do the math.


The truth is people deserve the right to be stupid. Banning Four Loko is just one more example of administrators and politicians trying to make our decisions for us.




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