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Vanity Fair’s Tales of Hollywood


Soap Operas step aside.   

With all the drama compacted in “Vanity Fair’s Tales of Hollywood,” they could put “All My Children,” out of business, it is dramatic and fun.

Although, it seems to be a bit repetitive and confusing with so many writers, producers and actors names thrown around it can become somewhat cluttered but very rich in Hollywood history.

Meanwhile, there is so much that can be discovered inside, such as but not limited to, script altering dilemmas, clashing personalities, drama queens, juicy affairs, budget crisis and breakout actors.

These stories are collections of articles written by Vanity Fair reporters on 13 iconic films.

Ranging from “Rebel Without a Cause,” to “The Producers,” to “Cleopatra,” there is something for everyone to indulge.

With memorable, charming and offensive movies the actors, writers and producers are the ones who make the stories worthwhile, forget the plots.

Elizabeth Taylor makes for an intriguing read. She is dramatic, demanding, entertaining and scandalous behind the scenes of “Cleopatra.”

Dustin Hoffman breaks out in “The Graduate,” as well as John Travolta in “Saturday Night Fever,” both of whom started out in stage acting.

James Dean’s tragic death and reactions from his co stars after his accident are touching but subtle.

The discovery of Marilyn Monroe is exciting.

Lawsuits and backstabbing are evitable between the cast and crew.

Even more appealing then the actors are the mysteries, like the mystery of “The Magnificent Ambersons,” the tales of the lost footage is mind boggling.

Immersing into pop-culture has never felt so good, with so many ego’s and personalities all jam packed into one book satisfaction is guaranteed.






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