Colliding with all

A colorful banner stretching across the Great Hall represented dozens of countries while Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” boomed out of the speakers.  It was an eclectic introduction to a five-hour event.

The Social Cultural Committee and Modern Languages department hosted the Cultures Collide event at Pierce College on Monday from 2 to 7 p.m.

“We want people to be more open minded,” said Joana Dorival, chair of the Social Cultural Committee.

“It’s important to respect everyone and learn from each other.” Dorival, the 20-year-old pre med and child development major, said it took over a month and a half to plan and organize.

At precisely 2 p.m. a line was already formed at the food station.  Taquito’s, pizza, deep friend wantons and other foods stretched over and covered the five-foot table.

“I didn’t know what to expect, but it’s just so cool,” said Alicia Bunn, 20-year-old nursing major.  “Everyone who is here is eating the different foods, not just what they are used to.”

The event had two DJ’s, a slideshow presentation, music playing in different languages and free food.  Nam Tran, a biology major in his fourth semester, was invited by a friend and couldn’t ignore the music that was heard all over the Mall. “It’s an interesting idea,” Tran said.  “Lots of people come to America and share their cultures and Pierce is a multicultural campus with a diverse community.  This is a great idea.” Meanwhile, a French Club member sat on one of the couches admiring the event.

The 16-year-old business major was pleased that there were so many posters informing the campus of the event. “Our club was associated with planning this event,” Kanny Morgan said.  “It’s going to attract a lot of attention and be a lot of fun.”

Morgan explained that she had attended a similar event a week ago in Eagle Rock also called “Cultures Collide” that was held to integrate music from different cultures.  She said she was happy to know Pierce was doing something similar.  The ads that were hung around campus seemed to be a success.

“Once I saw the ads, I absolutely agreed with the idea,” said Shahead Hashami, a 38-year-old psychology major.

“I enjoy seeing the different cultures and talking to different people.” Dorival’s vision of the event seemed to fall into place.

“We want people to get together to help with all campus events and become more involved,” said Dorival.  “They [the events] are usually free and everyone benefits from it.”

Student’s dance around The Great Hall at Pierce College during the Culture’s Collide Event, were students from every culture can come dance their dance or eat food. (Joshua Cowan)

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