Pierce baseball team trounces Antelope Valley College

Kevin Reynolds


The Pierce College Brahmas baseball team walked away with an astounding 14 – 2 win on Tuesday against Antelope Valley College during their home opener.

Though the Brahmas have a 3-1 record, they have been plagued with pitching problems at the onset of the season. This was evident in the early part of this game as starting pitcher David Carver allowed the first run to score off a wild pitch in the 2nd inning.

However with the help from his defense he was able to turn it around, only giving up a total of 2-runs in six innings before he was relieved.

“David (Carver) really grew up today,” said Bushart. “Practice is no substitution for real game experience and he came into his own out there today.”

Early in the 2nd inning first basemen Giovanni Mazzola was hit hard in the head by a wild pitch. Fortunately he was able to shake it off and finish the game hitting a two-run scoring double in the 7th inning.

“It definitely caught me off guard,” said Mazzola. “But you have to expect it to happen sometimes.”

Antelope Valley struggled with pitching throughout the game. They changed pitchers four times and hit a total of five batters during the game.

“It was nothing to be excited about,” said Andy Weissberg, a freshman out-fielder.

“Our strength is our offense,” said Bushart. “Today we really began to blend as a team.”

The team hopes that the pitching improvements will continue as they go into their next game Thursday at Cuesta College at 2 p.m.

Starting pitcher for Pierce College David Carver pitches against Antelope Valley College Feb. 8, 2011 at Kelly Field. Pierce goes on to win 14-2. (Joseph Kukuczka/ Roundup 2011)

Matt Sanchez sets himself after catching a grounder against Antelope Valley College Feb. 8, 2011 at Kelly Field. (Joseph Kukuczka/Roundup 2011)

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