Conflict or coincidence?

Alexis Antoniadis / Roundup


Raves. Majority of us have either attended one or has known somebody that has gone to one. It seems to be the main entertainment to our generation today. 

Last June there was the biggest rave yet, the Electric Daisy Carnival. The Los Angeles Coliseum hosted about 185,000 people, and out of all those people one died 15-year-old, Sasha Rodriguez, died due to an ecstasy overdose.

Even though that seems to be the main issue about last year’s rave, there’s an underlying issue, that seems to be taking the spot light.

 Todd DeStefano was a top administrator for the Los Angeles Coliseum Commission, which meant he was in charge of security and emergency aid. However at the same time he was also a head consultant for the company producing the event which was Insomniac.

What’s the big deal?

 Well, according to a L.A. Times article the Los Angeles Police Department and other authorities are accusing DeStefano of having conflict of interest and with that in mind they are subtly blaming DeStefano for the death of Sasha Rodriguez, and all other injuries that had happened at the rave.

The police department is complaining that there wasn’t enough officers sent out to the actual event, and the surveillance cameras that were promised to be installed, weren’t. 

Authorities are now concluding, that the reason why the cameras were not installed was because of DeStefano’s conflict of interest, and his drive to create as much revenue for himself that he possibly could. Even if that meant that cutting down on safety precautions.

It seems to me that they are putting all the problems that the rave faced that night on one man. When people think of raves automatically they think drugs, sex, loud music and to some people an overall good time. 

But what goes hand in hand with drugs and sex? Consequences like death, injuries and so on. So why are all these inevitable problems associated with just one man?

If you ask me, I think he is a great business man, and the fact that he was involved in both the Commission for the L.A. Coliseum, and the consultant for Insomniac is brilliant. Especially since he wasn’t hiding one or the other. 

The real problem isn’t Todd DeStefano, it’s the young “invincible” generation that doesn’t question the reality of what might happen. It’s no ones fault but the individual who chooses the risk.


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