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Summer school up in the air


California’s financial woes have dramatically cut classes offered for the last few semesters. Summer school is not exempt from these changes.


As of now, one session of limited classes has been scheduled for summer 2011 but classes are still susceptible to revisal depending on near future decisions.


According to Barbara Anderson, dean of academic affairs, the already reduced class options for students may be erased all together since it is in the public’s hands.


“If the voter’s vote in support of extending the taxes that were in place, then we’re planning on going forth with offering limited summer school,” Anderson said.


Some of the classes currently planned include English, math and speech.


The PACE program will offer a summer quarter with some offerings before the PACE program shortens its semester long quarter, according to Donna- Mae Villanueva, dean of academic affairs.


“The PACE schedule is being reduced from the usual eight weeks to seven weeks in length,” said Villanueva.


The BRIDGE program will offer classes in English, math, speech and personal development classes for student success, according to Anderson.


Elizabeth Clemmons, 20, is a pre-veterinary major. She doesn’t like the minimal options of classes available.


“It’s frustrating. The [pre-veterinary] program takes long enough to get into,” Clemmons said.


Clemmons also suggested that with the course offerings being cut, the longer it will take to complete her time in school.


“It’s going to take even longer for people to get out of Pierce,” Clemmons said.



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