Party lines stunting recovery

With talks of budget cuts and the upcoming special elections coming in June Political talk is all the rage in coffee houses and college campuses alike.

It’s a frustrating thing listening to the mindless dribble that spews from the mouth of most when speaking of politics.

“Republicans are war mongers.” “Democrats are trying to make us socialists.”

All you ever hear is one party follower bashing the other party. The truth is neither party has it right.

I speak only of the two because they are really the only ones the matter. One can speak of Libertarians, Green party members, or even the Peace and Freedom party but let’s be real.

These parties only affect the grand scheme of things by taking a small percentage of votes away from the two that actually matter.

I believe that this country would be so much better is people could forget about party lines and learn to make decisions based on what they actually believe is right. Not what some celebrity or family member tells them.

I don’t have a political party but that doesn’t mean that I’m not up to date and tuned into what is happening in the political realm of our fair country.

Our government can’t move an inch in less than a year’s time because our politicians spend more time arguing against one another than working to solve problems.

Take the “Oil Crisis” we are currently facing. I just paid $4.07 per gallon for gas to fill my up my car. And I’m a delivery driver for a living. Most of the money I earn in tips is just ending up back in my gas tank at this point.

And why?

Republicans tell you it’s because the “Liberals” won’t let us drill. Democrats will tell you it’s because we are too dependant on Fossil Fuels and need to find alternative fuel sources.

Well here is what I think. They are both right, and they are both wrong.

What we should be doing is allowing a small percentage of new oil drilling here at home. This will cause gas prices to drop.

And as we all know when gas prices drop everything else drops.

Then while the economy starts to rebalance we take the new funds and invest them in researching new efficient alternative fuel sources.

This would allow us to pay less at the pump now, which is a benefit to everyone. And free up money to be used to solve the problem in the future.

But this will never be tried. Why, do you ask?

Because the Republicans will never settle for only limited drilling, and the democrats will never agree to any drilling. So we are stuck in a cycle that is getting us nowhere.

This is what happens when we follow these political lines. It shouldn’t matter whose idea it is or whether or not you like it.

What should matter is that the problem is recognized and that our government and our citizens are willing to work together to come up with a solution that works for everyone.

It’s so frustrating listening to the one-sided, uncompromising opinions of those who hold strong political beliefs. These people are never willing to compromise for the benefit of everyone.

I recently heard a quote and sadly I cannot remember who said it but I agree with it more than anything I’ve ever heard.

“There is no one more close minded than someone with strong political beliefs.”




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