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Parking lot security fines students using staff parking $35 citations

The Pierce College Sheriffs are now giving $35 citations to students who park in staff parking lots.

The sheriffs, along with administrative services, are now tightening their security regarding parking because of the numerous parking areas that are blocked by construction.

According to Pierce’s Deputy Ron Nohles, staff have complained about not having an arm gate to restrict students from parking in their spots.

“Were asking them for patience,” Nohles said.

Administrative Services has tried to solve this problem by employing a company called SMS Transportation, which supplies the school with parking attendants who monitor Parking Lot 1 and control who is able to enter the staff area.

“We’re very much aware of the limited parking,” said Larry Kraus, associate vice president of Administrative Services.

Kraus addressed the loss of the arm gate and said it should be fixed around the same time as the reopening of Parking Lot 1, which will be in mid-August

Albert Johnson, 19, is one of the parking attendants in charge of Parking Lot 1 and explains that many students disobey commands, and he informs that the students are upset that staff has more parking than students.

“The guys are more rambunctious than the girls; they just drive past me,” Johnson said.

Johnson suggests getting the arm gate fixed so he will be able to restrict students with more efficiency.

“I don’t have much control, students are in a rush to get to class,” Johnson said.

According to Kraus, the parking attendants are paid through the construction bond that Pierce has and they will no longer need the attendants after the lots reopen.

Until the reopening, Kraus suggests parking in other lots or on El Rancho Road, which is located near the farm area.

Although there are limited parking spaces available, crime and vandalism to cars have not increased. According to Deputy Nohles, the last incident was a couple weeks ago in Parking Lot 7.

Nohles remains optimistic in spite of having less parking and says even though there is less spaces, it might mean that there are less students committing crimes. He acknowledges the inconvenience of the parking deficiency but looks forward to reopening the lots under construction.

“It’s a little frustrating, but it will be nice to see everything done,” said Deputy Nohles.

Cadet Valladares writes up a ticket in Parking Lot 7 to a car with no parking pass May 5, 2011. (Joseph Kukuczka 2011)

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