Farewell to retiring instructors

As the spring semester is coming to an end us students are preparing for finals and looking for what classes we will be taking in the fall. However, the end of the spring 2011 semester here at Pierce College will mark the end to some instructors here on campus.

Now some only took their class to fulfill their class requirements so they will be able to transfer, but to others especially those majoring in the subject they had an impact on our college experience.

However, students who were there just to take the class would soon turn into the students who might consider majoring in the subject after a few weeks of hearing their lecture.

We went in to their classrooms thinking it would be like any other class, but soon after a couple weeks we realized it was more than just a class. They made us laugh by cracking and sharing stories although they were labeled as instructors or professors they did not seem like it to us students.

For some of us who just started going to Pierce we didn’t expect instructors to be so interactive with students, for we have been mostly told professor just talk and while we take notes.

Nevertheless, this was not the case as these instructors would make the hour go by fast they would show how much knowledge and passion they have on the subject they were teaching while we students would be like sponges just soaking in everything that would come out of their mouths.

These instructors would soon make students look forward to coming to class every week their passion made us eager to learn and listen to what they had to say, so they made getting out of bed for that early 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. class.

They made a long lasting impression on all of the students they encountered in their teaching career. Whether if it was helping someone praising students on advancing to the next course for this major or maybe helping a struggling student pass the class.

They would always let us know that they are always in their office if any of the students needed help on assignments, or even tell us to email them questions we had because they are always willing to help us improve our grade.

Sadly after this spring semester these same instructors who helped us during our time in their classroom get that A or B and preparing us for our next course in that field will be calling it a teaching career.

We will dearly miss them and never forget the lectures they taught us, for after one semester with them we labeled them as our favorite instructor and perhaps one of the best instructors at Pierce and gave them a good review on rate my professor.  We also would recommend them to our friends and people who just wanted to take the class for the units.

For as long as we are at Pierce we will always have fond memories of them we will walk by the classroom where the used to teach and cannot help but smile and say I miss that instructor.


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