Meet the Counselors Day.

The Counseling Student Advisory Board will be hosting the first ever Meet the Counselors Day on Sept. 29 in the Great Hall.

This event will help the students get to know the different councilors, and know a little more about the transferring process.

Many students atPierceCollegedon’t go to their councilors so the Board decided to have this event. There are students that are in three or four-year plans to transfer, because they don’t know what classes they need.

“Folks that have been here for three, four years have never seen a counselor.” said Counselor Joanna Zimring Towne, head of the Counseling Student Advisory Board.

This will give them an opportunity to see which counselor is right for them and not be afraid to talk to them about transferring and classes.

Club Council President and board member Eillene Joy (EJ) Tormes said that they want the students to establish a “closer relationship with their councilors.”

There will be computers available for those who want to make an appointment for the future with the counselors.

There will be pizza, a raffle and prizes in the Great Hall. The board is also hoping to get a DJ for the event. Students are encouraged to come have fun while getting to know the different counselors that are on campus.

The event is open for all students to attend.


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