Campus restrooms aren’t a pretty sight

With all the construction and campus beautification this semester, the condition of the Pierce College student restrooms completely diminishes the appearance of a modern college campus.

Whether the dirtiness of the restrooms is caused by students, the janitorial department, or both, it is nonetheless a problem that should be fixed at least for the sake of integrity.

“I only use the school bathrooms when I have no other option,” said Sophomore Melissa Ortiz.  “The women’s restrooms have been nasty since I attended Pierce as a freshmen.”

Despite the assumption that women’s restrooms would be in worse condition on a daily basis, the men’s restroom largely contributes to the issue of campus cleanliness.

“The men’s restrooms are beyond disgusting, how people can leave such a mess and be so dirty is ridiculous but at the same time, the trash cans all over campus are overflowing with trash so maybe the school needs more janitorial assistance.”

Hopefully as the semester continues, and more attention is brought to the lack of cleanliness of the campus student restrooms their conditions will gradually improve along with the outside of the campus.


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